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Carbon pultrusion

Fiberline’s pultruded carbon profiles are engineered to purpose and manufactured to fit the specific requirements desired by our customers.


Pultrusion is the most cost effective way of converting carbon fibres into profiles. The continuous process ensures products with a minimum of variation and superior mechanical properties that save significant amounts of material.


Our carbon pultrusion lines run 24/7 and we have a capacity of several thousand tons per year.


Choose Fiberline carbon pultrusion if you want:


  • Unique fibre alignment
  • Customized resin systems in either vinylester, polyurethane or epoxy
  • A continuous process with high and consistent quality
  • No wrinkles
  • Reduces mould time in blade production
  • An experienced working partner with a solid track record and processes that meet APQP standards.
  • Carbon spar caps


Typical properties of carbon fibre profiles with Vinyl Ester resin:


  • Tensile modulus: 130-150 GPa
  • Compressive strength: 1200-1600 Mpa
  • Compressive strain to failure: 1.0 – 1.3 %
  • Density: 1.5 g/cm3
  • Fibre volume fraction: 60-67 %

Group 11

Wind turbine structures

In addition to profiles and gratings for wind turbine towers and nacelles, Fiberline also supplies finished components and structures. Find out more about the solutions here.



Helihoist platforms provide easy access to offshore wind turbines, allowing service technicians to reach them even in heavy seas. Ensuring safe access is crucial in the event of mechanical failure or during maintenance, so that the turbines can work at their best.


Cantilever Arms

Fiberline’s Cantilever Arms have been designed to ensure that permanent platforms can be installed easily on the tower section, so that service technicians can access and service the tower sections. With a low total weight and prefabricated design, you get a plug and play solution which minimises installation time on site.


Nacelle floors

With a strong, durable fibreglass deck, service technicians have safe access to the important technology contained within the nacelle. Our planks, which are used for the decks, are therefore resistant to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as aggressive fluids and oil. This gives the deck a long life with only minimal maintenance requirements.


Covers for turbine towers

Fiberline covers for turbine towers are made of fibreglass, which offers effective protection for the tower section during installation. The covers have been developed in close collaboration with turbine manufacturers, with the aim of making the solution easier to install.



An access platform in the splash zone places great demands on the durability of the materials, as they are constantly affected by aggressive salt water. Fiberline gratings and railings are made of fibreglass, which is non-corrosive. This provides for a low-maintenance, durable solution that do not corrode.


Lifting equipment

Our fibreglass profiles have an unparalleled weight-to-strength ratio, so they are particularly well-suited to offshore lifting equipment resulting in great savings in terms of weight. This could be, for example, on a lifting yoke for assembling wind-turbine components, with a smaller, faster crane mountiuung the blades. This means that you can reduce the assembly time offshore and save both time and money without compromising safety.

Group 11

Blade root reinforcement

Our pultruded blade root elements enables our customers to produce cost effective high strength blade roots.


The fact that bushings can be placed closer together makes a reduced blade root diameter possible compared to a conventional T-bolt solution. Full-scale components have been tested in tensile loading – both in static and fatigue loading. For the blade manufacturer a reduced in-mould time is possible due to:


• Less material to be placed in blade mould
• Fast installation of bushings
• Reduced infusion and curing time


The profiles are custom-made and ensure a quicker and more cost-effective high quality
lamination process.


Typical mechanical properties for the pultruded inserts
Coupon tests for characterization of the composite material
surrounding the bushing*
Longitudinal stiffness 38 GPa
Longitudinal strength 600 MPa
*additional test data are available upon request

Introduction to our offerings

Fiberline Composites was founded in 1979 and the primary activity is manufacturing of pultruded composites profiles in glass and carbon. The company is 100% dedicated to supporting the wind industry with primary focus on supplying structural parts for wind turbine blades. Fiberline Composites is headquartered in Middelfart, Denmark, which is centrally located to the blade development centres for all major OEMs. In addition to manufacturing, the location in Middelfart also hosts Fiberline Composites’ Technology centre where new technology and products are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Since 2009 Fiberline Composites has also operated a manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China, which has grown to become a significant element in supporting our customers globally.


Fiberline Composites is a world leader in pultrusion technology, materials design, composite mechanics and has been a trusted supplier to the global wind industry for more than 30+ years. This role has put Fiberline Composites in position to be technology launch supplier for the major wind OEMs as they have implemented pultruded carbon spar caps in the blade design in order to continue to meet the demand for longer and longer blades. 

As a carbon fibre and glass fibre specialist, Fiberline Composites has been a trusted supplier to the wind industry for the past 30 years. The primary focus for Fiberline Composite’s involvement in the wind industry is to strengthen turbine blade parts such as root section insert and profiles for spar caps and shear webs. In close collaboration with our customers, we push boundaries for our composites, to achieve optimised solutions for the next generation wind turbine blades. 


Fiberline Composites’ vision is to be a driver in the transition to renewable energy through constantly pushing the capabilities of our composite materials in order to lower the levelized cost of wind energy. As we follow this direction, in the coming three years Fiberline Composite will double the global workforce to 800 employees offering safe, sustainable, and well-paid employment in Europe, India, Mexico, and China with number of employees growing in all regions.


The combination of technology leadership and local production in all regions of the world will put Fiberline Composite in a position to offer our customers customized supply chains for lowest cost of ownership and sustainability. Reducing the logistic cost and carbon footprint by sourcing, manufacturing, and supplying our products in best cost countries close to the customers will allow us to offer exceptional competitiveness in quality, cost, lead time, net working capital as well the most sustainable supply chain.